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: demanding that people obey rules or behave in a certain way. : carefully obeying the rules or principles of a religion or a particular way of life. used to refer to someone who follows the rules and principles of a belief or way of living very carefully and exactly, or a belief or principle that is followed very carefully and exactly: His parents were strict Catholics. She's a strict vegetarian and refuses to eat any poultry or fish. in the/a strict sense Find 85 ways to say STRICTER, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Stricter meaning

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145 the control set points (strict, normal or poor) on the energy use is exam- ined, then all the  The Polish Government has declared the whole of Poland an amber zone from 10 October meaning stricter sanitary rules are in place. Some higher risk areas of  is much stricter than in Russian, because often it's essential to the meaning. The "poetic" word order doesn't always work, the meaning is sometimes obscured. av J Norén · 2017 — A land allocation means the sole right for developers to negotiate with municipalities regarding how a specific area of municipal-owned land  can be refunded in the home country, which means the employee's home The Swedish government plans to introduce stricter taxation for  own specifications that may or may not even be stricter than legal or guideline Meaning those that can cause diarrhoea if you eat contaminated food or drink  This means that if Allow Relaying is enabled, then mail from the given network is relayed regardless The “Enforce” mode is stricter. Marketising trends in Swedish eldercare: competition, choice and calls for stricter regulation2013Ingår i: Marketisation in Nordic eldercare: a research report on  Marketising trends in Swedish eldercare: competition, choice and calls for stricter regulation2013In: Marketisation in Nordic eldercare: a research report on  For us, determined sustainability effort and strong community engagement mean long-term profitability. Together with producers and consumers, we can  I was wondering if I were to book and the government guidelines get stricter meaning we can no longer stay will there be refunds or can I insure our break? Meaning in the Music: A Conversational Duet with Fantastic Negrito and Timbuktu Bay Rules for visiting the Consulate General Due to the stricter measures  av JJ Möller · 2013 — The need for a stricter definition of sampling on the basis of time was raised by.

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strictly adverb [ADVERB with verb] COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

Stricter meaning

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What is stricter? stricter meaning in Hindi : Get detailed meaning of stricter in Hindi language.This page shows stricter meaning in Hindi with stricter definition,translation and usage.This page provides translation and definition of stricter in Hindi language along with grammar, synonyms and antonyms.Answer of question : what is meaning of stricter in Hindi dictionary? stricter ka matalab hindi me janiye Synonyms (Other Words) for Stricter & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Stricter. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English strict strict / strɪkt / S3 adjective (comparative stricter, superlative strictest) 1 STRICT expecting people to obey rules or to do what you say OPP lenient a strict teacher strict about This company is very strict about punctuality. strict with The Stuarts are very strict with their children. 2 STRICT a strict order or rule is one that must be Stricter Meaning in Urdu.

stringent or exacting in or in enforcing rules, requirements, obligations, etc.: strict laws; a strict judge. closely or rigorously enforced or maintained: strict silence.
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Pronunciation: adjective : တိကျသော Strict - တိကျသော Stricter :: တင်းကျပ်  Strict - ti o muna Stricter :: stricter Strictest :: strictest Strictly :: muna Strictness :: What strict means in Yoruba , strict meaning in Yoruba, strict definition,  Few judges self-identify as strict constructionists, due to the narrow meaning of the term. Antonin Scalia, the justice most identified with the term, once wrote: "I am  strict · adhering closely to specified rules, ordinances, etc · complied with or enforced stringently; rigorous: a strict code of conduct · severely correct in attention to  In criminal law, possession crimes and statutory rape are both examples of strict liability offenses. Strict Liability As Applied to Criminal Law. In criminal law, strict  Find stricter translation meaning in Albanian with definition from english Albanian dictionary. Find what's the translation meaning for word stricter in albanian? Learn the definition of stricter. Is stricter in the scrabble dictionary?

Political ads have a “Paid for by” label that the ad creator toggles during ad  a passenger would be "depersonalized", apparently meaning that data for up to 10 years, with stricter access requirements for US officials. The GHC proposal arguing for stricter subsumption judgement. datatype (the supertype) by some notion of substitutability, meaning that program elements,  av T Frisch · Citerat av 3 — Nyckelord: Philosophy of life, God, meaning of life, death, contradiction, I also seek to view the essays from a stricter Sartrian perspective, as opposed to the  Weak productivity and an ageing population mean that we might see low Implementing stricter work search requirements for the unemployed  However, the supervision will now become stricter, meaning that carelessly parked vehicles that may obstruct traffic and emergency vehicles  were "recommended retired", which Grey2K interprets as meaning they along roadmap to freedom'; Philippines imposes stricter conditions  There is no excuse for abuse. There is no reason to murder. Advocating for a NO-KILL NATION and stricter laws to punish animal abusers. Angie RoweAnimal:  that the government would propose a new stricter law on sexual Swedish parliament, meaning that it would almost certainly become law  Abstract : As emissions regulations are getting stricter and efficiency The meaning of the word ?complex? refers both to the presence of complex flow  Formas therefore wishes to promote collaboration among researchers in the areas of circular economy and non-toxic environment.
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Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Stricter What does strict mean? The definition of strict is precise and always following and enforcing the rules. (adjective) An example of strict used WordSense Dictionary: stricter - meaning, definition, anagrams. stricter (English)Adjective stricter. Comparative form of strict; 1922, Ben Travers, A Cuckoo in the Nest: "By some paradoxical evolution rancour and intolerance have been established in the vanguard of primitive Christianity.Mrs. Spoker, in common with many of the stricter disciples of righteousness, was as inclement in demeanour The reason "stricter diets" is better is that for one-syllable adjectives like strict, the comparative is formed by adding –er, rather than with the word more.

Is stricter in the scrabble dictionary? Yes, stricter can be played in scrabble. Stricter meanings in Urdu is سخت Stricter in Urdu.
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strict constructionist. strict constructionists. strict liability. strict-implication. Many translated example sentences containing "stricter meaning" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.

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Stricter meanings in Urdu is سخت Stricter in Urdu. More meanings of stricter, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations. Mar 25, 2021 UPDATED 3/22/21. Strict social distancing is recommended while you wait for test results, unless you are fully vaccinated (two weeks have  Jul 15, 2019 A new study found that states with stricter gun control had 4% fewer pediatric deaths, and 35% less if strong background check laws existed.

Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic  Stricter definition of chocolate debated in Brazilian Senate. By Vladimir Pekic. 06- Apr-2015 - Last updated on 07-Apr-2015 at 08:45 GMT. AddThis Sharing  Strict - ਸਖ਼ਤ Stricter :: ਸਖਤ Strictest :: ਸਖਤ Strictly :: ਸਖਤੀ Strictness :: What strict means in Punjabi , strict meaning in Punjabi, strict definition,  English to Burmese Meaning :: strict. Strict : တိကျသော. Pronunciation: adjective : တိကျသော Strict - တိကျသော Stricter :: တင်းကျပ်  Strict - ti o muna Stricter :: stricter Strictest :: strictest Strictly :: muna Strictness :: What strict means in Yoruba , strict meaning in Yoruba, strict definition,  Few judges self-identify as strict constructionists, due to the narrow meaning of the term.